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Herne Lodge

To Whom it may concern,

We have recently had the pleasure of the AHA TV crew here at Herne Lodge in the Central Highlands of Tasmania filming fallow deer hunting. Over the week, often in difficult weather conditions, we were impressed by Dave and the team’s professionalism and diligence; their efforts to get the best possible footage were outstanding. The crew was a pleasure to deal with and showed great passion for the task at hand. The Aussie Hunting Adventures series should not only prove to be a hit with hunters, but also show the sport in a positive light to the wider community.

Paul Ellis

Herne Lodge


Eagleye Hunting Gear

Over the last 12 months we have had the pleasure of coinciding and working with Dave and the AHA Crew. In a short period of time we have filmed a full episode with the AHA Crew, cross marketed our products/brand and have both created astounding awareness.

The AHA crew are Team players, stand up guys and honest people. Dealing with the AHA crew has been nothing less than pleasurable. Dave’s ability to communicate and utilise flexibility around our respective schedules and day to day commitments is outstanding and most accommodating. Dave’s work ethics as a perfectionist and professional TV host is second to none.

Dave and his Film Crew are extremely professional both in the field and in the office. Their knowledge in the field and vast understanding and adaption to the land is astounding. We recently attended a hunt with Dave and the Film Crew in Mid-West NSW where an episode was filmed themed on Eagleye Hunting Gear products and a lesson for us on how to hunt Mountain Goats. Dave and his team were patient and extremely knowledgeable, to sum it up, we Nik-named them “The Goat Whisperers”.

When we mentioned that we support a Charity Save Our Sons www.saveoursons.org.au, Dave did not hesitate to get on board as a sponsor. Through this kind action, we have been able to secure our brand ambassador and three time world Boxing Champion Jeff Fenech, where he has agreed to feature on an episode with the AHA Crew as a new comer to our great sport of Shooting and Hunting.

We are looking forward to working with the AHA Crew in the future and wish them a long and prosperous future.

Steve Abdennour

Eagleye Hunting Gear



I recently had the opportunity to host David Fent and his crew from Aussie Hunting Adventures TV, at our property Mountain Creek Game Park. I truly believe that the hunting industry in Australia and the amount of people that now want to get out and enjoy the bush and ethical hunting is growing at a remarkable rate.

I was very excited when I heard about Aussie Hunting Adventures TV (AHA) and the vision and passion that Dave has for the show. I feel that AHA will be a great place for businesses like ours as well as all any businesses that are marketing products to do with hunting or the great outdoors to gain greater market share.

An ethical hunting show like AHA has been badly missing from Australian television and will give great exposure for hunting and hunting products both here and overseas.

I had the privilege of working with Dave and his team while they were here at Mountain Creek and would say they acted in a very professional manner showing great respect for our property and our animals at all times.

AHA will show case ethical hunting and I believe it will become a must watch TV show that all hunters in Australia and overseas are looking for.

Again I would like to thank Dave and his team for the long hours and hard work they are putting into making AHA TV for all of us to enjoy.

Michael Read

Mountain Creek Game Park



I Tom Jones have had the Pleasure working with AHA TV over the period of a few years on several TV episodes. The Professionalism, dedication and Ability of the team and Quality of Film has been exceptional. Being personally involved and understanding what goes into a Single Episode is a huge task. The effort Dave and the team put into capturing footage of animals and of the Hunt in sometimes very difficult conditions is outstanding, missing nothing and not pulling the trigger until several cameras are rolling and everything is perfect.

The way Aussie hunting adventures captures hunting and the way it promotes it to the world in a Safe, ethical, enjoyable and extremely positive light, Dave is not only promoting the industry as a whole but promoting hunting in Australia to the world. This will have huge economical benefits for all of the industry through trophy hunting and tourism purposes which I personally believe Australia needs when compared to New Zealand’s trophy hunting industry that has been promoted to the international market/s, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Dave and the Crew at AHA are nothing but Professional, Hard working, Honest team players who are dedicated to improving the industry as a whole by, Promoting Products, and developing a T.V Show that by far out competes any other within the hunting and TV industry with quality game and animals footage, Bow hunting, fishing, product reviews, and their ability to tell the story in a positive light for hunting.

Tom Jones

Owner/ Head guide Main Divide Outfitters NZ


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Aussie Hunting Adventures

Aussie Hunting Adventures is a hunting and outdoor adventure series aimed at showcasing hunting opportunities; whilst promoting ethical, sustainable and environmentally responsible hunting practices. The show will cover all aspects of hunting available within Australia, including firearms, bow hunting and hunting with scent trailing hounds and companion dogs.

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