Driven by Passion

Hunting may be one of the oldest aspirations of mankind, but we always have to prepare for new challenges. It is important that we continually refine our equipment and pioneer new technology. This is our passion.




Shaped by intelligence

Leading the way through innovation, we are the driving force in the international hunting rifle industry. Fifty years of expertise have sharpened our senses for intelligent advances. However, we never lose sight of our ethical commitment.




Powered by Performance

Everybody who works at Blaser shares the same enthusiasm for hunting. But we all have different talents. It is the diversity of personalities and seamless blend of skills that empower the company’s continued success.





Mialls Gunshop is the number 1 and most advanced gunsmithing facility in Australia.We boast a fully equip workshop and firing range facility on the lower lever of our building. Our staff are highly trained and between them have over 120 years experience, previously working for companies such as Purdey, Holland and Holland and Briley Manufacturing USA. We cater in all aspects of gunsmithing from the minor repair to the most complex and intricate work. We are also the chosen warranty repairer of many leading firearm distributors.




Bushbow 3D Targets was founded by the speight family in Nanango QLD in 2005. Keith has over 50 years Archery experience and put this experience into the development into the Generation one products. With further R&D and feedback from clubs and customers Keith developed the Generation two products. Keith and his family have invested hundreds of hours of refinement and testing to develop a truly world class product.

Our vision is to continue to grow and promote the Bushbow 3D brand. We wish to share our great product with the other states of Australia ensuring Archers have access to affordable top quality 3D targets made by Australian Archers for Australian Archers. Bushbow 3D supports local archery clubs with sponsorship and discounts for members, if you run a club or are helping to grow a club we want to help. Contact us for more information.

Proudly Australian Owned and Made!



At Bushveld Hunting Adventures our vision is to share the African experience with you. It is likely to be the most exhilarating adventure you will ever undertake. Through Bushveld Hunting Adventures you will have access to the best private property concessions in South Africa. The majority of the hunting areas accessed by Bushveld Hunting Adventures are situated in the Limpopo province of South Africa close to the border of Botswana. Here, there is a wide variety of plains game on offer at very affordable prices with the option to undertake an expedition after any of the big five.

We can also arrange hunts into Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The outfitters have been chosen by personal experience and for their truly professional attitude towards the job they love. There is a range of accommodation on offer from luxury lodges to adventurous traditional tent camps, around an open fire and underneath the stars of the African sky.

Your adventure can be tailored to your individual needs, this could be making use of the fully equipped hunting rig, going for long walks from camp in the walk and stalk fashion, or even chilling out in the well situated blinds and hides (a really great way to get up close and personal with the wildlife and get some great photo’s). All of our hunts offer equal opportunity for the rifleman/woman or the archer and all of the trophy preparation is taken care of by the well trained skinners. Other than hunting there is also a variety of other activities nearby that can be made available during your time in Africa. These include adventures like fishing for tiger fish, bream and bass, helicopter flights, big five viewing, the white lion breeding project, crocodile farms, Sun City and much more.



Scopes and Binoculars supplied by Swarovski Optik.

“Constantly improving what is good”

This has been the SWAROVSKI OPTIK motto since day one. For us, this also means exceeding our customers’ expectations and surprising them time and again – with the precision of our products, with our innovative technology and with our comprehensive service.




Stoney Creek – Our mission is to maximise your experience in all climatic conditions.

Stoney Creek is dedicated to crafting purpose built hunting gear that can withstand some of the world’s harshest and most unpredictable environments. Designed using cutting edge technology that maximises quaility, performance and ultimately your experience. Hunting, it’s in our blood.




We are proud to be able to present to you, a selection of the most comfortable quality boots, handcrafted in Europe. Lowa has been handcrafting boots for over 90 years.





sht epoThe SSAA Shot Expo 2016:

The Shot Expo is Australia’s largest event for the Sports Shooting Industry and showcases shooting, hunting and outdoor trades to enthusiasts, those wishing to participate in the sport and the general public with the view of improving public awareness, professionalism and safety. It is held in Melbourne every two years. Since its inauguration in 2005, the Shot Expo has experienced dramatic growth in both exhibitor and visitor participation. In 2011, over 200 booths were booked by companies wishing to promote their products and services with a waiting list, and with 10,000 visitors attending over the weekend.

BRISBANE 22nd 23rd August – Rna Showgrounds 2015

SYDNEY 25th 26th June 2016

PERTH December 2016



Apex hunting is an Archery Company located in Capalaba, Brisbane. The are a very successful expanding business and are currently the fastest growing Archery Company in Australia! The currently have the largest  online community for Archery enthusiasts.






With more than 25 years experience, LIGHTFORCEis now a global leader in portable professional lighting systems as well as driving lights, rifle-scope optics and lighting accessories.

Unlike our competitors, we are undertaking pioneering work in the use of modern composite and eco-friendly materials.  This not only gives us a clear competitive advantage, but has also earned us a number of prestigious Australian and international design awards.  We continue to see growth in customer loyalty and confidence right around the world.




Spika is encouraging safety in the firearms industry to help everyone have piece of mind and to enjoy the many great benefits of hunting and the sport, as well as promoting the enjoyment of the great outdoors. We believe there is no better place to be than off the beaten track in this beautiful country. Spika specialises in gun safes and storage however is rapidly expanding our product range to meet the varied needs of those with a love of the great outdoors. We are committed to growing Spika products into a trusted and recognised brand for all Australians to enjoy, we pride ourselves with our quality products and exceptional after sales attention.





Wild Deer and Hunting adventures magazine had its origins back in 2004-2005 when its creator Daniel Burke decided to try and enter the recreational hunting magazine market with a magazine aimed specifically at deer hunters-photographers. Essentially he was trying to get as many people to share their adventures either by photos or with stories and it has gone from strength to strength in the ensuing years. In recent times, the amount of women getting involved has increased dramatically as well as having a very healthy input from overseas readers.

Hunting, and deer hunting in particular, has had a massive spike in participating members in recent years and you only have to look at the photos gracing the pages of Wild Deer Magazine to see that the vast majority are a younger generation of men and women. Through the magazine, they are essentially sharing their photo albums with the world.



on: March 5th & 6th 2016.
At: 9.00am – 4.30pm Saturday &
9.00am – 4pm Sunday

Where: The multi-million dollar Bendigo Exhibition Centre is the largest clear-span facility of its kind in regional Australia and will be the venue for the 2016 Hunting & Guiding Expo.

Bendigo Exhibition Centre,
Prince of Wales Showgrounds.
Holmes Road, Bendigo. Vic.

Entry: $20 Adults
$25- 2 day ticket
$50 Family Ticket (2 adults 3 kids upto 15yrs)
Children under 15 FREE (must be accompanied by parent)
* This show is not in conjunction with any other club or organisation.

Featuring over 260 sites indoor & outdoors!

This includes: Hunting, Guiding, Taxidermy, Guns, Knives, Fishing Gear, Swags, Archery, Camping, 4WD Accessories, GPS, Communication, Optics, Ammo, Quad bikes, Generators, Camper Trailers, Boats and Marine, Dune Buggies & more.



Rapid Effects Antler Lights are a unique, handcrafted indoor lighting solution from genuine deer antlers that have been naturally cast/dropped as part of the annual growth cycle of the deer.

Rapid Effects is an addition to Rapid Sparks Pty Ltd. Rapid Sparks was established in Sydney NSW as an electrical contracting business in 1998 and is still currently operating as such.

Our work has ranged from commercial fit-out and maintenance of high rise office buildings to small residential repairs. This broad scope of work also includes award winning luxury residential architectural renovations and rebuilds, which is currently our focus.



Thanks to G G&S Tyres the A.H.A Vehicles are decked out with with quality tyres for access to some of Australia’s remote hunting/fishing locations. For a great deal on 4X4 Tyres give Greg a call at G&S Tyres

G&S Tyres – 33/17 Eramosa rd w, Somerville, VIC Contact Greg – (03) 5978 0721






PRIMOS – Hunting Calls & Hunting Products

Full range of hunting calls; elk, deer, turkey, predator and waterfowl
Shooting and hunting accessories, game cameras, decoys and clothing.  Primos makes calls for every category of game species hunted in North America. They also offer an ever-growing range of hunting accessories and decoys.



BSA GUNS – Air Rifles

High quality air rifles, made in the UK, specialists in Cold Hammer Forged barrels. BSA air rifles are the result of over 150 years of English gunsmithing success coupled with the very latest in precision manufacturing. For many years BSA has been making gun barrels of the highest quality. Indeed, BSA is the only volume manufacturer of Air Rifles which uses Cold Hammer Forged barrels.



bulls boars and barra logoBULLS BOARS AND BARRA CAPE YORK

Bulls Boars n Barra Safaris invite you to hunt & fish in one of the world’s last frontiers, Cape York Australia. Only an hours light plane flight form tropical Cairns north Queensland, 1.1million acres of world class hunting & fishing paradise awaits. The country is untouched with no previous hunting pressure on any animals, it is even possible to stalk within meters of lone boars, large pigs & the massive scrub bulls. You will hunt through swamps surrounded by paper bark trees, creeks covered with tropical fauna and open lagoons flanked by native bird life. You will enjoy the many billabongs & river systems, testing your might against the world famous Barramundi.
We also have fantastic ammeneties. Our accommodation lodge has air-conditioning, flushing toilets, bar and an excellent shower after a hard days hunt. Experience the heart pumping adrenalin rush of taking a massive scrub bull, trophy boar or landing a giant Barramundi.



Alligator Hunting HISTORY

Casey Ward opened Big ‘O’ Hunts in 2011 to become the premier provider of guided alligator hunts and other local species hunts in the Glades region.  Owned and operated by Casey, whose family has lived and hunted around The Everglades & Lake Okeechobee for generations, Big ‘O’ Hunts has gained a reputation from customers for its ability to help both novice and veteran hunters find the perfect gator on their hunt as well as providing great family-friendly hunting trips for many local types of game.


Located near the Florida Everglades & Lake Okeechobee, Big O Hunts has over 60,000 acres to choose from to help you find the perfect gator or other animal on your hunt.  Since we’re centrally located and only a few hours drive away from Miami, Orlando,  or Fort Myers, you’ll be able to get going on the hunt of your dreams in no time.  Our numerous hunting locations give you the opportunity to hunt gators of varying sizes so you can get the perfect gator on your next hunt.  Looking to gig frogs, hunt hogs, go duck hunting, or venture out on a snipe hunt instead? – Yea, we do those too.  No matter what you want to hunt, we want to take you on the adventure of a lifetime! We hope to hunt with you soon.



Huntfest Narooma 2016:

HuntFest is primarily a combination of educational event and a photographic/media competition that will be held in Narooma on the NSW far south coast in June 2016. The photographic and media competition will have a number of categories, including junior and senior divisions in each category. HuntFest is the only photographic and media competition of its type in Australia.



Gone Hunting out there ‘do’in it’ : lessons is not just a hunting book per se. This is a great read about how one person and the people around him have done something that most of us only ever dream of doing.







The ‘GRUNT’ series was created with three primary objectives to fill, they had to be: sharp, straight, and strong to prove their reliability, and they have achieved just that. as their name suggests, the ‘GRUNT’ was originally designed for and tested on large wild boar of Northern Australia. since then, they have proven to be a popular choice for deer hunters and larger game hunters alike.

A one piece stainless steel blade has a large 28mm cutting diameter with  shave out of the pack razor sharp cutting edges on all sides of the blade.  The solid aluminum ferrule reduces weight while maintaining its strength complimenting the heavy blade. The two components are then fastened together with a stainless steel Alan key style screw making it easy to replace a blade or ferrule while in the field.The 125 grain GRUNT has a vented blade to reduce weight yet maintain its strength. The venting has been cut into the blade in the optimum location to reduce noise and drag creating a seriously devastating light weight broad head.

The 150 grain GRUNT shares the same blade and ferrule profile as the 125 grain without the venting making it the silent killer. since it’s inception, the 150 grain GRUNT has been a very popular choice for the Traditional style bow hunter as well as the compound bow.



Focusing on Game, Fish, Seafood and the various ways to harvest and use them. A page dedicated to my love of Hunting and Cooking. To highlight the fact that reward will always outweigh the effort. Wild food from Australia and around the world tastes that much better when you have made the effort to harvest it yourself… ” Give a man a fish and you give him a meal…. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for life.”

I have always had an interest in harvesting my own food… My family has for hundreds of years……the fact is we have just forgotten how to…..



Main Divide Outfitters, for the average Australian, American, Canadian, European and New Zealand hunters, because even I as an avid hunter wanting to hunt and travel find it costs a fortune to go for a hunt anywhere with trophy fees and unexpected or unexplained costs. Having personally guided in the United States for elk and mule deer, and being brought up in New Zealand with my father being a professional helicopter shooter and avid hunter has given me such a passion and understanding of hunting and wildlife in New Zealand and the Southern Alps that I wish to share it with many like- minded hunters. After working for the Department of Conservation controlling pests and animals in different areas around NZ, then guiding for outfitters in New Zealand and in the States, I decided it was time for an affordable, free range option for sporting hunters who love the outdoors and enjoy the love of the hunt.





The trap design is extremely simple, consisting of two plastic ends, one not unlike a flower pot, the other just a cap. Both ends have doors, one is lockable, the other swings freely from two hinges and relies on gravity for closure.

The centre portion of the trap consists of a rolled piece of wire netting, held firmly in place by plastic straps that press together. The ends are then attached using nylon one-way fasteners. All in all a set of five traps which come unassembled in a carton can be put together in about 10-15 minutes. Once assembled they are left in this state for future use and transport.




The new catalogue has a range of new manikins/forms and your old favourites. There are many new products available in this catalogue with our range continually expanding.
After creating new working relationships with overseas connections we are able to offer you McKenzie, Van Dyke, Wasco, Jonas, Tohickon and Research Mannikins products at affordable prices. We are the Australian supplier of Wonderflex.

Our selection of Ken Simpson and David Luxford forms/mankins have been developed over the twenty years. David continues to sculpt and add new forms to his collection, insuring our range of David Luxford forms continues expanding into the future.

We have new and exciting products, ranging from Fallow, Sambar, Red, Rusa, Chital, Hog Deer, Boar, Pigs, Goats, New Zealand, Birds and Exotic forms. Glass eyes, ear liners, habitat, tools, mounting supplies, paints, Wonderflex, Tanning needs, books, DVD’s and our own ATS brand coming online soon.

Our new website has a extended colour catalogue and online ordering facility which enables you to order 24hrs a day. Telephone and email ordering are still available and no order is too small. We at Australian Taxidermy Supplies are proud to continue David Luxford’s work developing and suppling a quality range of products for all your taxidermy needs. We are also committed in supplying our customers with ongoing support and basic tuition, there is always someone on the other end of the phone who is willing to help you, or guide you in the right direction.

We are proud members of the New Zealand Taxidermy Association.



We offer a full time Taxidermy service which operates in the Northern Suburb of  Wallan, located 40 min from the CBD of Melbourne. We offer a capeing service & will salt to prep your capes for tanning.Our current turn around time is 4 mths from drop off. You must allow an extra 2 mths if dropped off around the Xmas period due to related industry shut downs. We use the highest quality materials available & also import  supplies directly from the U.S.A.We are looking into tanning in-house, covering all tanning related products, e.g. Capes, Rugs & Flat Skins etc. Please feel free to look through our game catagories and see examples of our workshop.






Zahunters Diaries; is a series of DVD films, set and filmed in the Australian bush, with all game and film taken in free range conditions, and on private land. Produced and directed by Zaher Brais, and together with a few close mates, I hunt with a pet fallow deer named Bambi, and a pet goat named Goat, which throughout the series of DVDS you will see Bambi and Goat help me get really close to a few trophy Bucks and Billy’s. Utilizing both my bow and riffle, all game animals are taken on fair chase conditions.   



Skopecam is an iPhone mount for you rifle scope that allows you to capture those amazing hunting moments for you to relive and share!

I’d been a good boy all year, and Santa had rewarded my virtue with a shiny new iPhone 4. None of my old brick phones could record video like this thing could: 720p, 30fps, 48 kHz stereo audio. Glorious.

So when my cousin Tim and I went out to snipe some bunnies in the back paddock with our trusty .22s (a Christmas tradition), we tried recording a few kills through the scope. The footage was awful—impossible to focus, impossible to keep still.

Using the materials at hand (scraps of cardboard from the Christmas bon-bons box and some paddle-pop sticks), we forged a makeshift contraption to hold my iPhone firmly in place while we shot. The thing was ugly. It fell apart in twenty minutes. I got a splinter. But it worked—we played the footage of Tim nailing a hare from 200 metres until New Years Eve.

Skopecam was born.


Located in South Gippsland Victoria servicing Sale and the surrounding area’s.

Catering for: Weddings, Parties and Corporate.






Allure @ Trackside is Sale’s best dinning experience and is open 7 days a week for Lunch from 12.00 to 2.00pm and for Dinner from 5.30pm – 8pm. Trevor and Tania Cartsien are set to send your taste buds into overdrive.

We want everyone to be happy and the Allure of our Bistro to keep you returning time and time again! We figure in order to do this we need to cater for everyone and we think we’ve got it covered. We have an attractive A La Carte menu to entice the more relaxed and time favored customer, a great Lunch and Bar Meals menu to cater for those on the go, hearty winter meals for the Seniors including a free soft drink and great kids meals that come with a soft drink. What more could you ask for?

At Allure @ Trackside we have ever changing specials 7 days a week with family value for everyone! Allure@Trackside has a Children’s Entertainment Area and we invite you to bring the kids in and let them be the judge. We want their feedback too! This Children’s Entertainment Area is under constant camera surveillance from all points of the Restaurant for parent’s piece of mind.

Allure @ Trackside Let us take care of your special event or corporate function. We have menu’s to cater for all tastes and budgets and we do the lot for you. We even have our own Functions and Events Manager that does all the hard work for you, call Richard Alexander to discuss your requirements on (03) 5144 3088.




So you are all familiar with our catch phrase HUNT Like a Girl but did you know HCG Like a Girl is not only the place to turn for women’s hunting apparel in Australia. We also offer some great designs for pretty much anything you can get up to in the high country. HCG Like a Girl casual clothing is designed for women just like you who have a passion for the outdoors. If you love hunting, fishing, riding, camping, and farming then you should be proud of it. HCG clothing offers some great designs in comfortable, practical, women’s cuts. Just because you love to spend time in the bush with the boys it doesn’t mean you have to dress in their clothes!

Through our own range of clothing as we hope to be able to provide for the needs of women with a passion for getting out there and living life to the fullest. It’s your life, live it… Like a Girl.

Wild Women Calender – We are currently searching for both advertisers and Wild Women to be a part of the 2016 Wild Women Calendar. For more information email wildwomencalendar@outlook.com or phone 0429166533.




How close do you want to get? Whether you are a keen shooter, bowhunter or even a wildlife photographer, the Silva Fox Whistle will call in foxes and a variety of other predator species.

Made to a traditional design used for over 100 years, this newly refined and improved version features an amazingly effective call in a design that is both robust and attractive.  The “Silva” is a Must-Have for any hunter!



13133288_1711910282359924_4762001229724726550_nPAUL BOAGS OUTDOORS

Paul Boag is a fourth generation sambar hunter and along with his wife Monica he operates a business offering educational courses in deer hunting.

Paul has developed a reputation as one of Australia’s foremost deer hunters and photographers and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the next wave of hunters. He goal is to teaching as many fellow hunters, how to successfully harvest and prepare their own FREE RANGE, ORGANIC, RED MEAT!

The Boag family dynasty,100 plus years of hunting sambar deer in Australia!

Our mission is to pass on the knowledge Paul has gained, during a lifetime of hunting  to others, who in turn can pass it onto their own family and friends.  Ensuring our fantastic way of life is kept alive for generations to come.


For the serious outdoorsman there is gap in the market for premium quality, innovative and functional gear that does not attract a hefty price tag.

EVOLUTION GEAR products are specifically targeted and are dual purpose, meaning these products can be used for hikers, hunters, campers, outdoors-man, security personal, outdoor tradesman/workers and also can be used for the everyday.




For all your tanning needs contact Nabil: 0425 838 666







LR-2 Course – With Scott Pattel

The LR-2 course was designed in a way so it doesn’t matter your skill level, you will walk away having learnt something or have the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the course. The course is held at a number of locations over a 2 day period, location is also determined by the groups skill level. I have a chat to each student while booking as to make sure you are getting grouped together with shooters of the same or similar skill level or wanting the same course outcomes. At all LR-2 courses students will sleep on location or as close as possible as to make best of the time over the duration of the course.  Storm Tactical Data book and a Gift bag with a number of items in it will be issued to you at the start of the course. Courses are run every 2nd weekend each mth. Course starts around 0800-0900 on the sat and finishes around 1300-1500 Sun so people can still make flights home.

I also do call outs for people who only have a few hrs to spare and just want to head to the range and catch up for some advice or guidance.



Want to be part of Australia’s latest and greatest Hunting Adventure and outdoor series? Want a marketing program that gets your product in front of an International audience.


Contact us at: info@ahatv.com.au